On many occasions, the cyclist collective has taken to the road to claim their safety and the movement #enmetroymediocabeunavida or the most recent #porunaleyjusta, headed by Anna González, is no less well known, all of them with the good goal of once again vindicating safety of the cyclist group and reduce fatal accidents suffered by the group.

This time, and after a few years actively participating in campaigns and after thinking about an idea, the author of the sticker Víctor Saiz explains the origin, as well as the reason for this launch, as well as the objectives that he intends to achieve to claim the meter and a half of safety in overtaking cyclists, identifying it from the perspective of the drivers themselves

How long did it take from the idea to launch

It's been practically two years, since I began to get "the click of the idea" and I began to carry out the tests with the first designs... As well as see the feasibility of the idea to become a project with visibility and continuity.

Personally, unfortunately all of us who have been pedaling for years have come to be more or less close to a well-known drama and it has affected us closely, so I have always wanted to treat this aspect with all the respect and affection possible and in what way it could contribute My grain of sand in this fight, since the ultimate goal, is to raise awareness in society about this problem and take action by finding direct tools to act.

In this sense, the sticker advocates mutual respect and therefore the arrow of the logo is ambidirectional, because we all have to do our part to solve this problem, both vehicles and drivers, where it is clear, the weakest and for which we have to prioritize in protection actions, is the cyclist.

The new 3D Safetyonbike Adhesive


How did the idea for the sticker come about?

Well, almost like all the others, by chance... ... as a result of some past cyclist accidents, I saw some friends who put a "demand sticker" on their car and I wanted to put " the vinyl sticker " on one of my vehicles... and my Surprise was that my environment did not let me put it with the excuse that this type of adhesive usually "stained and made ugly, they were not aesthetic " on my car... and they were also characterized by little resistance to the capacity of external conditions... and in It did n't take long for them to fall off due to low quality… “In short, they wouldn't let me put it on because they were ugly! to me, who was a fervent defender of the cause! And it could touch any of us….”

I then began to think about the wasted opportunity for cyclists who did not use a communication channel and the opportunity to teach other drivers, in our vehicles while we drive, to spread our message of respect for cyclists.

It is obvious that we are many cyclists who drive and respect each other, if we identify ourselves properly to teach the rest of the drivers that there is also a good way to share the road among all. So I ended up combining my passion for cycling with one of my skills in engineering product development, and it occurred to me to adapt the 3D sticker that I already knew from one of the applications I was working on and I thought it would be elegantly placed on our vehicles. That would be the best way to do it.

This post is public, feel free to share and expand our message wherever and with whomever you want!


Why have you decided now to launch this product?

It is a special project, which is born not only from the frustration but also from the rage that I feel every time the news announces to the cyclist community that fatal accidents occur on the road, and I observe more and more week after week, comment after comment on social networks once again, that the perceptions of society in general do not change and that we still have a long way to go in recognizing mutual respect so that there are no more deaths on the road.

Therefore, the message needs to be more proactive, educational and that it reaches the drivers in another way and I hope that in this way they can actively contribute to it.

For this reason, with its adhesive, is the purpose of starting a journey, so with part of the profit obtained we are going to collaborate and we hope to allocate to research and innovation projects in favor of cycling road safety.

What advantages does the 3D sticker, In relation to other adhesive or vinyl solutions that may currently exist?

- A good design, quality and technical solution , elegantly adapted to carry in the vehicle .

- Introduce a PARADIGM SHIFT in the demand for 1.5m safety in cyclist overtaking and transfer the demand for RESPECT FROM THE OWN POINT OF VIEW OF THE DRIVERS , so that we are able to convey a message from the vehicles : PROACTIVE, POSITIVE AND EDUCATIONAL , about how vehicles can teach other drivers to overtake groups of cyclists with their good attitude.

- Promote a model of positive behavior on the road: form part of and identify as a group of good drivers who respect cyclists and transfer the message of respect for cyclists beyond the group itself.

- The 3D metallic makes the claim much more visible to other vehicles, so the message is much more effective

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